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12 December 2014 @ 11:55 am

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16 March 2014 @ 04:40 pm
For the most part, I'm content to let this site sit here and take up web space without updating it much, but there's something about the weight of ten years that's impossible to ignore.

Ten years is a time to be nostalgic, a time to consider how much web development has changed, how much I've changed. Since the last 10 years, I've graduated both high school and university, and now someone, somewhere is paying me to do a Real Job. These days, I'm hard-pressed to do any design or development work that isn't paying me.

Or, maybe you've heard that this year is also the 25th birthday of the internet itself — properly, as we think of it now at least, and there's something awful frightening about the notion that something I've worked on has taken up 2/5th the actual existence of the internet, that the internet itself is perhaps but a few months older than me.

There's not much opportunity to design in this kind of style anymore, so for the sake of nostalgia, I went back to what I started this site with: Clamp. Other than a minor bit of clean-up not much else that's new around here. I make my social media accounts more accessible, so if you want to contact me, I'm quite a bit easier to find now.

I'm officially severing the tie between this domain and my professional portfolio. Additionally, over the next few months, I'll be doing minor clean-up of my other sites, provided that's not too ambitious.

Hope you've been well, strangers. Once again, I'll see you around.
08 July 2011 @ 06:44 pm
New layout at Reikou.net

That awkward moment when you haven't updated your domain for 2.5 years... and also missed the last two birthdays (including the 7th? How much fail is that?) That even more awkward moment when it looked like you haven't updated for 3.5 years because you accidentally typed 2008 instead of 2009, and then couldn't be bothered to fix it so you left it wrong for... 2 years. And that terribly awkward moment when you realized your site's layout has been down and unusable for the last 3 months and have put off fixing it.

Hello everyone. My name is Kyuu. And I am an awkward fail.

So there's nothing really changed other than a cosmetic makeover. I've been busy since forever, but I'm not actually willing to give up the fact that I'll probably never be a proper webdesigner again. I'm preparing to take my medical school entrance exams, working an internship, have two graphic designer jobs, and am doing research and am at my last year of university now so... yeah. I'm not going to close my sites, though, and Reikou is probably just going sit here being occassionally until I forget to renew it one day, haha.

In the interest of what actually gets updated: Invisus Designs, the graphics site. It should get a new layout in the next couple of days; Catharsis, the LJ icon journal semi-attached to Vis; and South of Reality, if you want to watch me write. I've also purchased SnowyVienna.com, which will - at least in theory - be a portfolio. (Right now it's just acting as a glorified dumping ground.)

Hope you've been well, strangers. I'll see you around.
21 March 2009 @ 02:48 pm

...ish. Sorta. The official day Reikou was registered was March 19th, but since it took me to the 24th to get up, then I guess any date between the two is cool for me.

But wow, five whole years. It's kind of sad how I've been kind of static the last two or so, but I'm trying really hard to fix that!

I was planning on making a new layout, but three months with a layout just doesn't seem like much to me anymore, and school's been eating up my life as usual. This week was my spring break, and I blew it all by spending my time goofing off. And reformatting my mother's computer, installing her cable box, driving her places, but that doesn't count. So alas, you're going to have to live with what I got.

So! The real reason for the update is because Megori bought a server and I had to move in. It seemed like a good time to drop in. Along those lines, An Almost Fairy Tale, Tsuki No, and Predilection received makeovers and revamped info sections. The last fanlisting in dire need of an update is Captured, and then it's off to work on fansite! Also, rainsong, my art site might be up sometime within the next decade. Hopefully.

Mel and I created a forum together. Please join! It's low key, lots of fun, and has awesome people~

With this update, I'd like to welcome a slew of lovely new affiliates! Some I've known for years, some I'm just getting to know now, but they're all talented lovely designers. I'd like to introduce you to Sasa, Ongaku, Tara, and Monica! Please give them all a visit.

Now that I've blabbed on enough, I should go do something useful. Or go shopping. Either or.
24 December 2008 @ 01:29 am

It's been since Reikou has had a real update, hasn't it? After hours of work, I've managed to pull together a new layout and revamp the entire site. A lot of the sections of content were outdated and thus had to be rewritten. The links list is now cleaned, devoid of dead domains. Unfortunately, with that and a number of my affiliates having closed, I am now looking for new affiliates and link exchanges. Please contact me if you're interested.

I also completely redid the sites section to make it less tedious to navigate. A number of sites were closed, including Nagareboshi, Just Add Water, Pretty When You Lie, and Dedication. My new high-priority projects will be Aesthetic Lost and Fall to Pieces, which should both be up early next year. I've also made a short but plausible list of shrines I want to complete within the near future.

In the mean time, check out Invisus Designs, which has received another facelift, this time courtesy of Rykea.

Also, a number of my fanlistings will receive new layouts in the near future, so keep an eye out for that.

Otherwise, I haven't felt this great about webdesign for a long time. I'm really proud of this layout, and this revamp makes me feel really wonderful about myself. It's good to be back.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful holiday season. This is a great start to my 19th year of life. Merry Christmas, everyone!
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